The Best Technology

Newlane is powered by Backstage™️, our proprietary proptech and fintech platform that is the first scalable, mobile, end-to-end solution for management of real estate services, tasks, vendors, communication, and brokerages. And, it's included with your split.

Customize & Connect

Connect Backstage™ with thousands of popular applications to automate your marketing and follow-up activities.

Time Saving
Time Saving

Our tech reduces up to 70% of agent "busy work" enabling you to spend more time growing your business.

One Single Login

No more juggling accounts and passwords. One login gives you access to all your tools and resources.

Every Journey Begins with a Single Step

Our industry has witnessed dramatic change over the last decade. There is no shortage of voices predicting the demise of real estate agents and their replacement by software and algorithms yet to be realized.

We don’t believe technology will ever replace real estate agents. But we do believe agents who don’t effectively utilize technology will be replaced by those who do.

Our mission is to create the tools and solutions that agents need to free them from busy work, scale and grow their business, and deliver spectacular service to and exceptional results for their clients.

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Newlane for Teams
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Newlane Company Culture

Core Offerings

Newlane is a cloud-powered, hybrid brokerage engineered for the needs of listing agents and teams.

  • Cloud-powered platform allowing you to work from anywhere without any technology fees.
  • Attractive compensation plans with low caps and the ability to keep 100% of your commission.
  • Incredible wealth-building income-sharing plans and agent equity opportunities.
  • On-demand marketing professionals available to assist with your listings and projects, delivering agency quality results.
  • Online and in-person continuing education classes to stay up-to-date with industry changes and educational requirements.
Newlane Real Estate Newlane Real Estate

Award Winning Technology & Marketing

Backstage™ is our award-winning and proprietary, end-to-end real estate software and collaboration platform. Forget paying for a suite of tools and off-the-shelf applications like you're used to. There are no fees for our technology. You can even connect our technology to your existing tools using our API or Zapier™ Application.

Backstage™ Team Features

Supercharge your team's productivity with advanced tools, functionality, and integrations.

Branded Marketing

Load customized, team branded design templates into our design center to ensure brand consistency when team agents create marketing materials.

Reporting & Analytics

View and create detailed reports for team contacts, listings, transactions and income sharing. View detailed performance reports and statistics for team agents.

Agent Onboarding

Email new agents to invite them to onboard online. Manage individual team agents' splits for automatic processing of team and agent commissions.

Complete Control

As a team leader or admin, you have complete oversight of your agents' activities including contacts, listings, transactions, marketing and commissions.

Backstage™ Agent Features

Supercharge your productivity with advanced tools, functionality, and integrations.


Robust, interactive design center and online collaboration with a community of creative professionals at your fingertips. Automated social media, print and digital marketing.


All your transactions and commissions in one place. All your contingencies synced with your calendar. Real-time tracking of commission payments on our fintech platform.


Complete listing management from CMA to close and everything in between including signage, photography, floorplan and staging, online and offline marketing campaigns.


Full featured CRM powered by big data providing you with rich contact profiles. All your contacts and leads from all sources in one place, automagically ... including Zillow™ and your personal website.

Compensation Plans

In addition to offering agents and teams the best technology, we also offer the best compensation. Both of our plans include a $25,000 marketing credit and zero technology fees.

Newlane agent compensation
Split & Cap
  • Yearly cap as low as $10,000
  • 80% commission split
  • Income sharing
  • Commission advances
Flat Fee
  • $850 per month (paid annually)
  • 100% commission split
  • Income sharing
  • Commission advances

Income Sharing

Earn passive income from the agents you recruit to join Newlane Real Estate.

Newlane Real Estate
?How many agents can I refer
There is no limit to the number of agents you can refer. In addition, your downline can extend six levels deep, enabling you to earn income share when agents you recruit, recruit others.
?How is income share calculated
Our agent split is 80% paid to the agent and 20% paid to the company. Of the 20% paid to the company, 8% is dedicated to income share payments.
?How long do I get income share on an agent referral
Forever. As long as your license stays at Newlane, you receive income share payments for your agent referrals.
?When do I receive income share payments
Our technology enables you to receive income share payments immediately when the transaction agent's commission is processed. Income share payments are deposited directly into your bank account.
Newlane Real Estate Newlane Real Estate